Diplomausstellung, Academy of fine Arts, Munich 2018


I go, You go, good to go, groupshow, GBE, Hancock (NY), 2017


That continous thing: artists and the ceramic studio, 1920 – today, groupshow, curated by Aarron Angel, Tate st. Ives, 2017 Photo Ⓒ Tate


RR fear, Markus Lüttgen gallery, cologne, 2017


Young Positions @ Rüdiger Schöttle gallery, munich, 2017


I call it Lütttgen, Markus Lüttgen gallery, cologne, 2016


Kamp KAYA, KUB Arena Kunsthas Bregenz, austria, 2016


„Kerstin Brätsch with Mount Trailer“, 2015, Kunstverein Arnsberg


„Pedestal“, with Viola Relle, 2014, nova hutta, Krakow


„állapot szembesülés – Rasenpflege überwinden“, with Viola Relle, 2014, Budapest


„Michael Jackson Monument“, 2013, akademie of fine arts, Munich


„Fleißarbeit“, with Viola Relle, 2013, die Färberei, Munich